Atelier Palmier is all about blending craftsmanship, creativity and practicality since 2018. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Parisian Art Deco, elegantly interwoven into each meticulously created masterpiece. Crafted for “Paradise Lovers in the City”, our jewellery seamlessly complements your daily activities, ensuring you never have to compromise style for convenience. Each jewel, handmade in our Antwerp atelier, is a testament to our commitment to refinement.

Designed for the city’s most dynamic souls.


Employing both new gold and a wide variety of gemstones, our jewelry is crafted to the highest standards. Additionally, we welcome the opportunity to explore the potential of repurposing old gold and gemstones to create a new, contemporary piece tailored to your preferences.

In the creation of bespoke jewelry, we engage in thorough consultations to understand your vision and preferences. From there, we develop a design that perfectly aligns with your taste. This design is then handcrafted using traditional techniques, ensuring we consistently deliver exceptional quality.

We’re proud to announce that, as of 2023, we incorporated Fairmined gold into our creations. This commitment reflects our dedication to ethical sourcing and sustainability, further enhancing the value and integrity of our pieces.

Meet the founder

“From an early age I was busy making jewellery for family and friends and I discovered that the pieces I made, had a very emotional value: jewellery makes people happy. That passion has never left me ever since. After studying Modern Languages, the dream to start my own jewellery brand became even bigger.

After I graduated as a goldsmith in Antwerp, I decided to expand my horizons further and started studying in Paris to master the art of gold smithing and to develop myself further in the field of design and art history. This commitment was rewarded with the ‘Prix Avenir Métier d’Art’, which I won in Paris. Today my big dream has come true and I create jewellery under the name Atelier Palmier.

Enjoy my designs and don’t hesitate to contact us.” – xx Ysalyne Van Dessel

“I created Atelier Palmier
for paradise lovers in the city.”

xx Ysalyne