Passiflora Pendant Earrings

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Passiflora Pendant Earrings: A tribute to the Amazonian rainforest’s resplendent beauty. Crafted from 18kt Fairmined gold, each element bears a commitment to traceability, allowing you to wear them with both confidence and pride. Delicate chains dangle on each piece, adding a touch of whimsy and movemen. Meticulously handmade in our Antwerp atelier, these earrings are a testament to artisanal precision and dedication to detail. With their versatile elegance, the Passiflora Pendant Earrings effortlessly elevate everyday ensembles and add a touch of nature-inspired allure to special occasions. Sold as a pair.

18kt yellow Fairmined gold

2 green marquise tourmalines

2 pastel sapphires

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