Hoop with Leaf & Chain


Introducing our coloured Hoop with Leaf and Chain, crafted from 18kt yellow gold, a versatile accessory designed to elevate your style with effortless charm. Choose from a selection of exquisite gemstones to adorn the hoop, including captivating emeralds, radiant Antwerp diamonds, or serene pastel sapphires, each lending a unique touch of elegance to your ensemble. The leaf, adorned with lush green tourmalines or a delightful mix of pink sapphires and green tourmalines, and the chain add a whimsical accent to your look. What makes this piece truly special is its adaptability – effortlessly switch up your style by removing the leaf and chain, offering endless possibilities for personalization.


Emeralds, Antwerp diamonds or pastel sapphires


Green tourmalines or a mix of pink sapphires and green tourmalines


18kt yellow gold

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Hoop stones

Emerald, Antwerp diamonds, Pastel sapphires

Leaf stones

Green Tourmaline, Pink sapphire & Green tourmaline