Birthstone Charm


Introducing our Birthstone charms: a fusion of personal meaning and timeless beauty. Each pendant features a meticulously chosen birthstone cradled in a delicate setting, symbolizing not just a month, but a story. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a cherished personal keepsake, these pendants combine elegance and sentiment, allowing you to carry a piece of your identity close to your heart with every wear.


18kt Yellow Gold


Gemstone depending on your birth month

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Antwerp Diamond, April – diamond, August – Peridot (dark green), December – Tanzanite (purple-blue), Emerald (green), February- Amethyst (purple), January – Garnet (red), July – Ruby (red), June – Pearl, March – Aquamarine (light blue), May – Emerald (green), November – Citrine (dark yellow), October – Tourmaline (green), October – Tourmaline (pink), September – Sapphire (dark blue), turquoise